A Safe Place to Land: Mood By a Millennial by Showalter, Pria

A Safe Place to Land: Mood By a Millennial

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MOOD: "My dream job is no job. I just want to get paid for breathing."
A conversation piece from one sis to another. I am your co-pilot, homegirl, and sis wrapped all in one as you navigate the ghetto streets of adulthood. This is a self-help book created for millennials who aren't a CEO or influencer. The tone of the book is not to give cliche advice. It was not made to overwhelm readers, or appear to have all the answers. It's created to give a safe place to land for those who have not reached their full potential yet, but knows working tirelessly is not the only blueprint. The driving force of this book is to provide encouragement and motivation to a young reader who needs to feel good about where they are in life, at the current moment of their existence, without all of the expectations social media and peers set as "success." Explore and learn you are right where you are supposed to be.
    Curated themed playlists"Do You Do Anything for Clout?" quizCo-parenting tips"Power Plays" relationship playbook Realistic affirmations and much more!

Author: Pria Showalter
Publisher: Sandra Showalter Williams Foundation
Published: 10/11/2022
Pages: 138
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.43lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.30d
ISBN: 9798986726533

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