Ace The Half: Run Your Best Half Marathon, Get In Shape, And Finally Tick Finish The Race Off Your Bucket List by Asante Puschmann, Beverly

Ace The Half: Run Your Best Half Marathon, Get In Shape, And Finally Tick Finish The Race Off Your Bucket List

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This insightful training strategy writing is full of running advice for novices and recreational athletes. Here to help in your planning and preparation is a guide through your half marathon journey - whether that's to check it off your bucket list or to get fit.

Ace The Half is an engaging book by running coach Beverly Asante Puschmann, who is a certified distance-running coach, a certified nutrition coach, and who is a half marathon runner herself. She's sprinkled in relatable stories about her own life to keep you laughing and entertained while she provides you with all the information you'll need. This is running writing for beginners and consistent athletes.

Not only does this book motivate you to keep running, but there are also checklists, running tips about preparation, advice about choosing the best equipment and tools to use, and food intake (aka fueling) suggestions. Beverly even covers recovery after the fact, so you can use this book to prepare for multiple half marathons.

In Ace The Half, you'll learn about:

  • Beverly's life as a runner
  • Finding your training plan
  • Mindset methods to keep you motivated
  • How to fuel and hydrate for training, racing, and recovery
  • How to make your final preparations for the all-important race day

This running book for novice half marathoners is full of tips about running challenges, running advice about nutrition, and so much more!

When will you run your first or next half marathon?

Author: Beverly Asante Puschmann
Publisher: Utterbloom Company LLC
Published: 03/29/2022
Pages: 184
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.41lbs
Size: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.39d
ISBN: 9783952563908

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