App Development Using IOS Icloud: Incorporating Cloudkit with Swift in Xcode by Baruah, Shantanu

App Development Using IOS Icloud: Incorporating Cloudkit with Swift in Xcode

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Create a professional looking app from start to finish that takes advantage of iCloud technology. Rather than working with Storyboarding for building your UI, you'll use code to build professional looking screens. Using code is standard for professional developers to fit form factor alignment across multiple screen sizes and other design constraints.
First, you'll build a basic, functional UX screen. Then you'll incorporate iCloud with CloudKit for data persistence and private, public, and shared databases. Here your code-drive UI design will expand out to developing professional looking screens with animation. You'll also learn to work with reminder and notification boxes, sharing data between your users, and adding functionally for interaction with other Apps. Finally, you'll tackle testing and using Test Flight before publishing your app to the App Store.
This book offers a practical guide for coders at any level who want to learn and create professional looking iOS apps leveraging the database features of iCloud and the numerous extensions that Apple provides in the Xcode environment. Create professional looking apps that are secure and your users will love!
What You'll Learn
  • Leverage CloudKit for Backend as a Service
  • Handle Asynchronous processes
  • Share data among users of your app with simultaneous modifications

Who This Book Is For
iOS developers familiar with the basics of Swift coding who want to work with iCloud databases or move into more advanced fields, such as using extensions or designing UX in code.

Author: Shantanu Baruah, Shaurya Baruah
Publisher: Apress
Published: 11/29/2022
Pages: 502
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 1.62lbs
Size: 9.21h x 6.14w x 1.07d
ISBN: 9781484287576

About the Author
Shantanu Baruah is an Executive Vice President leading new business acquisition in the Life Sciences and Healthcare business at HCL Technologies. With over 21+ years of experience across multiple disciplines, Shantanu has been a pioneer in the fields of healthcare, life sciences, digital, and information technology at HCL Technologies. His leadership has guided delivery, practice building, and development of market-leading solutions to reach new heights. A leader with global exposure, Shantanu has successfully led teams across India, Singapore, France, and the U.S. His technological expertise and innovative leadership qualities have placed him at the forefront of important business acquisitions. Shantanu is an active in the app development community and has an approved app on Apple App Store. He has been recognized as one of the top 25 Healthcare IT Executives of 2020 by The IT Services Report. Shantanu lives in New Jersey. His philanthropic outreach includes education for children in developing nations.
Shaurya Baruah has many interests in a variety of subjects - specifically, he has an interest in Math, Physics, and Computer Science. In his freshman year, he took AP Computer Science A and scored a 4 on the AP exam. Currently, in his sophomore year, he is taking Pre-Calculus Honors, a highly demanding course that is designed in a Problem Based Learning teaching method. He is also taking AP Physics 1, an algebra-based physics course, and Algorithms & Data Structures, a project-based course where students work on large programming projects as a team.

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