Love Letters to Ukraine from Uyava: Любовні листи до У&#1082 by Singh-Chitnis, Kalpna

Love Letters to Ukraine from Uyava: Любовні листи до Ук

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"Love Letters to Ukraine from Uyava" (Любовні листи до України від Уяви) is an English poetry collection by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis, translated into Ukrainian by Volodymyr Tymchuk. It consists of 66 wartime poems written on the current Russia-Ukraine armed conflict. The entire collection was written and translated, mostly in real-time, only in eight weeks. The poems in this book are meant to create bridges in the hearts of the readers to connect with Ukraine and allow the world to see its heart longing for love, peace, and freedom.

Volodymyr Tymchuk is a brilliantly sensitive, fiercely patriotic, hopelessly romantic, and deeply knowledgeable poet and translator of Ukraine. I could never have found anyone better than him to translate "Love Letters to Ukraine from Uyava" into his language. Kalpna Singh-Chitnis

"What I particularly cherished in this collection, was the adroit method of combining an appreciation and empathy for a foreign country, alongside Singh-Chitnis's own heritage and country of origin (India). Perhaps only a polyglot, having lived in multiple countries, with the intentional wisdom of such multiculturalism, can pen such solace. Singh-Chitnis is one such social justice warrior, with her legion of creative directions, her purpose outgrows the ordinary and becomes extraordinary. She is not a mere empath but directly doing battle for others to see inequity and injustice and act. Her words are as much battle cries as they are truths, and she implores the reader to become radically engaged in change. Again, isn't this the crux of poetry and shouldn't more of us be able to write outside of our own musings, and infect the hearts of others with a call to action? Whilst I may be a huge confessional poetry fan, I am deeply moved and appreciative of the energies and necessity of raising awareness, beyond the sound-bite of nightly news coverage. In so doing, Singh-Chitnis has conjured up the real people of Ukraine. We see them." Candice Louisa Daquin, Senior Editor Indie Blu(e) Publishing.

Author: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis
Publisher: River Paw Press
Published: 03/11/2023
Pages: 188
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.62lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.43d
ISBN: 9781736687130

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