Make a Memory Every Day: God's Word Will Change Your Life. by Von Flue, Jerilyn Pallesi

Make a Memory Every Day: God's Word Will Change Your Life.

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Life is a string of everyday memories, collected and strung together like a necklace of fine pearls. From Sunrise to Sunset, we make memories that are stored in the intricate corners of the beautiful minds which God gave us. When we take those remnants of thoughts and connect them with carefully selected scriptures, it builds new spiritual memories not easily forgotten. Inside the inspiring pages of her twenty-one day devotional and journal, "MAKE A MEMORY EVERY DAY" Volume 1: God's Word Changes Your Life, author Jerilyn Pallesi Von Flue pulls you in, as a reader, with her own favorite "fine pearl" memories, combining them with powerful passages of Scripture, all to make a lasting impression on your minds. In addition, these entries encourage you as a reader to make your own new memories from this devotional. Each daily devotional also includes a "Take Time to Pray" and "Challenge" section to better initiate you in your journey to become more personally in tune with God, cultivate a stronger relationship with Him, and flex your "memory muscles" by taking the challenge to memorize the daily scriptures, then journal your own thoughts for further meditation. Jerilyn created this book from God's spiritual seeds that were planted in her life as a small child, and now harvested as an adult. Sharing memories from the heart in this book might seem a difficult task, but God can and will do for you, the same thing He has done for her. If talking to you personally, she would tell you it takes your trust and obedience, love, faith, courage and being intentional to follow him......

Author: Jerilyn Pallesi Von Flue
Publisher: Xulon Press
Published: 10/03/2022
Pages: 78
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.34lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.21d
ISBN: 9781662857386

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