.Net Devops for Azure: A Developer's Guide to Devops Architecture the Right Way by Palermo, Jeffrey

.Net Devops for Azure: A Developer's Guide to Devops Architecture the Right Way

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Use this book as your one-stop shop for architecting a world-class DevOps environment with Microsoft technologies.

.NET DevOps for Azure is a synthesis of practices, tools, and process that, together, can equip a software organization to move fast and deliver the highest quality software. The book begins by discussing the most common challenges faced by developers in DevOps today and offers options and proven solutions on how to implement DevOps for your team.

Daily, millions of developers use .NET to build and operate mission-critical software systems for organizations around the world. While the marketplace has scores of information about the technology, it is completely up to you to put together all the blocks in the right way for your environment.

This book provides you with a model to build on. The relevant principles are covered first along with how to implement that part of the environment. And while variances in tools, language, or requirements will change the needed implementation, the DevOps model is the architecture for the working environment for your team. You can modify parts of the model to customize it to your enterprise, but the architecture will enable all of your teams and applications to accelerate in performance.

What You Will Learn


  • Get your .NET applications into a DevOps environment in Azure
  • Analyze and address the part of your DevOps process that causes delays or bottlenecks
  • Track code using Azure Repos and conduct acceptance tests
  • Apply the rules for segmenting applications into Git repositories
  • Understand the different types of builds and when to use each
  • Know how to think about code validation in your DevOps environment
  • Provision and configure environments; deploy release candidates across the environments in Azure
  • Monitor and support software that has been deployed to a production environment

Who This Book Is For

.NET Developers who are using or want to use DevOps in Azure but don't know where to begin

About the Author
Jeffrey Palermo is Chief Architect and CEO of Clear Measure, Inc., a DevOps-centered software engineering company. He is also the founder of the Azure DevOps Podcast and the Azure DevOps User Group. Previously, he was a founding board member of AgileAustin, the founder of AzureAustin, and a leader in the Austin .NET User Group. Jeffrey is a well-known author and international public speaker. He has received 13 Most Valuable Professional awards from Microsoft and has spoken at industry conferences such as Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Build, DevTeach, VSLive, and various other regional conferences. Jeffrey has other books in the ASP.NET MVC in Action series as well as two video books on ASP.NET MVC and nearly a dozen magazine articles on various .NET development topics. Jeffrey resides just outside of Austin, Texas, USA with his wife, three children, and various livestock.


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