100-Word Writing Habit: A Small Action With Big Results (Short Read) by Kadavy, David

100-Word Writing Habit: A Small Action With Big Results (Short Read)

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100-Word Writing Habit will help you start a writing habit and stick with it, once and for all.

When most people try to start a writing habit, they go too big. 1,000 words sounds nice, but eventually you can't find the time.

In 100-Word Writing Habit, English-class-dropout-to-bestselling author David Kadavy makes the case for a writing habit so small it hardly seems worth it: just 100 words a day.

You'll learn:

  • Why 100 words is more than you think. See how the words add up over time, and why 100 words is more than 100 words.
  • What beliefs are holding you back? Shatter the five writing myths, one by one.
  • What should you focus on to ensure success? Learn how to progress through the "three Cs" of writing, one at a time.

Plus, get inspirational thoughts from Maya Angelou, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and more, about starting small, being consistent, and growing to master any craft.

Whether you want to start journaling, organize your thoughts, or build a career as a writer, 100-Word Writing Habit will help you finally build a habit that sticks. It's short and to the point, with no fluff. So you can get the inspiration and direction you need to start your writing habit today!

Author: David Kadavy
Publisher: Kadavy, Inc.
Published: 01/17/2023
Pages: 76
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.22lbs
Size: 6.00h x 6.00w x 0.21d
ISBN: 9798987498101

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