A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship by Francisco, Ariel

A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship

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In Ariel Francisco's Miami, invasive lionfish are sympathetic creatures, the beach succumbs to sea-level rise, and "305 till I die" is a cry for help. The speakers in these hilarious and melancholy poems depict a rich and varied emotional landscape that mirrors that of the state they long to leave, dead or alive. They imagine themselves standing on ocean garbage patches, contemplate the crabgrass on traffic medians, and envision the new beauty of a submerged Miami Beach: "Famed art deco replaced by fire coral / and colorful parrot fish, neon lights / restored by pulsating swarms of moon / jellyfish, lit up like a Saturday night." In one moment the strange becomes familiar, only to become strange again in the next stanza. Taking inspiration from Campbell McGrath and Richard Blanco, among others, Ariel Francisco's second book of poems deals with climate change and the absurdities and difficulties of being a millenial Latinx in the Sunshine State.

Author: Ariel Francisco
Publisher: Burrow Press
Published: 01/01/2021
Pages: 146
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.49lbs
Size: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.34d
ISBN: 9781941681510

About the Author
Francisco, Ariel: - Ariel Francisco is the author of the poetry collections A Sinking Ship is Still a Ship (Burrow Press, 2020) and All My Heroes Are Broke (C&R Press, 2017). A poet and translator born in the Bronx to Dominican and Guatemalan parents and raised in Miami, his work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Academy of American Poets, The American Poetry Review, The New Yorker and elsewhere. He lives in Queens.Cabrera-Schneider, José Nicolás: - José Nicolás Cabrera-Schneider is a Guatemalan writer and translator. His novels include El Detective Juan B'atz': El Tigre (Editorial Cazam Ah, 2019) y El Detective Juan B'atz': Tarjeta Roja (Editorial Cazam Ah, 2017). One of his short stories colections is Cuéntame tu día (Editorial Cazam Ah, 2016). Also, his poetry has been selected for anthologies and itinerant art installations. Nicolás lives in New Orleans.

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