Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor, Second Edition: Keys to Providing a Successful Preceptorship by Ciocco, Maggie

Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor, Second Edition: Keys to Providing a Successful Preceptorship

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This quick-access guide for novice nurse preceptors walks through, step-by-step, how to successfully orient new nurses to the hospital environment. Preceptors are key to staff retention, job satisfaction, improved quality of care, patient safety and transition to practice. For the busy novice nurse preceptor who believes they do not have the time or preparation to be a nurse preceptor, Fast Facts for the Nurse Preceptor, Second Edition explains all the requisites for demonstrating, guiding, and mentoring new nurses through the process of delivering safe, evidence-based, patient-centered care. The second edition builds upon the foundation of the first to address more complicated challenges preceptors face.

While reviewing the basics like shift organization, prioritization, communication, delegation, and conflict resolution, this orientation guide delineates the essential qualities of a competent preceptor and their primary responsibilities. It discusses the knowledge and skills a successful preceptor must impart to new nurses while acclimating to a variety of teaching and learning styles. Chapters discuss how to recognize the warning signs of a struggling preceptee, work through a preceptee's "transition shock," and help new nurses to develop critical thinking skills. Abundant case studies highlight common and challenging precepting situations.

New to the Second Edition:

Updated with FIVE completely new chapters:

  • Selection, Education, and Retention of the Preceptor
  • Preceptee Learning and Preceptor Teaching Styles
  • The Challenging Student
  • Precepting the Accelerated BSN and Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN)
  • The Unsafe Preceptee and How to Avoid "Failure to Fail"

Key Features:

  • Helps preceptors to serve as excellent role models, mentors, and teachers for new nurses
  • Offers quick-access, step-by-stop guidance with short paragraphs and bulleted information
  • Uses case studies to highlight both common and challenging precepting scenarios
  • Includes evidence-based content throughout
  • Contains competency assessment and evaluation forms

Author: Maggie Ciocco
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Published: 09/16/2020
Pages: 206
Binding Type: Paperback
Weight: 0.52lbs
Size: 7.81h x 5.06w x 0.50d
ISBN: 9780826136015

About the Author
Ciocco, Maggie: -

Maggie Ciocco, MS, RN, BC is currently a nursing program advisor. She has over 25 years of experience in nursing education, including as a preceptor, mentor, staff development instructor, orientation coordinator, nursing lab instructor, and clinical instructor. Ms. Ciocco received her master of science in nursing from Syracuse University, her bachelor of science in nursing from Seton Hall University and her associate degree from Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey. She has been an American Nurses Credentialing Center board-certified medical-surgical nurse for over 20 years. Throughout her years as an educator, she has established preceptorship programs in acute, subacute, and long-term care settings. She is a member of the National League for Nursing. Ms. Ciocco was awarded the Sigma Theta Tau-Lambda Delta chapter Hannelore Sweetwood Mentor of the Year award in 2012. She is the author of Fast Facts for the Medical-Surgical Nurse: Clinical Orientation in a Nutshell, published by Springer Publishing Company in 2014.

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